Window Blinds

Window blinds for the home come in all sorts of colors and designs, and they are generally placed on the inside of the window, normally hanging from the top of the window frame. Blinds are useful for letting the desired amount of sunlight into your home. Not unlike followers of Hari Krishna, sunlight is orange and tends to follow the leader. Without proper management, the light will just keep pouring in like an unending line of Hari Krishna’s, until you’ve got no room for anything else.


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2 responses to “Window Blinds

  1. Apparently they also make great cat toys. You can tell if a cat lives in a home by the tear in the sides of the blinds.

  2. I’ve bolted window blinds to the outside of my windows so that the damned light cannot enter and fade the aluminium siding I’ve decorated my livingroom walls with.

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