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Egg Cartons

Styrofoam egg cartons are good for holding eggs. They also excel at holding water, which you may not know, can be turned into ice. Put some water in your empty egg carton, and put that egg carton in the freezer. Soon you will have acquired ice cubes. If you did not wash out your egg carton beforehand, you may also have acquired frozen cubes of salmonella poisoning.


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Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkins have a variety of things inside them, pulp and seeds, and sometimes candles. Candles are usually found after the pumpkin has been killed and gutted. Contrary to popular belief, pumpkin seeds neither cause, nor cure, cancer. Truth be told, pumpkin seeds have nothing to do with cancer at all.

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Toaster Oven

A toaster oven is good for making bread into toast, or making toast into burnt toast, or making burnt toast into a smoke detector testing tool.

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Crock Pot Cooking

The crock pot is one of the best inventions ever invented. Cooking with a crock pot is like an oven inside a time machine. No longer do you need to know when you are hungry for chili. Two hours? A week? It doesn’t matter anymore. Mix up some beans and chili powder, ground beef and vegetables. Put all that stuff in the crock pot with some water and turn it on. If you don’t like chili, try beef stew. If you don’t like beef stew, get your mouth checked out because it is broken.


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Microwave Safety

When using a microwave oven, it is best to operate the microwave with the door to the microwave closed. Also, it is best not to put metal in the microwave. Food is a better option. On the other hand, if the goal is to have a fireworks show, possibly start a fire, or never use that microwave again, it is best to put metal in the microwave.

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Iced Coffee

Lately iced coffee has become a popular drink. Coffee is meant to be consumed hot. The problem here is the ice. Ice is cold, you see. Putting ice into coffee inevitably causes the temperature of the coffee to drop drastically. The solution to hot iced coffee is simple. First, brew your coffee, and pour it into a cup. If you desire sugar or cream, go ahead and add that now. Take some ice out from the freezer. Go ahead and throw that ice into the trash. Now enjoy your hot beverage.


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Mousetraps are a perfect way to trap a mouse. First, get yourself a mouse. Your local pet store should have some available for sale. If you have multiple mouse traps, you will need multiple mice. Get yourself a female mouse and a male mouse. Put them in your house, spill some food on the floor and wait about a week. Now that you have lots of mice running around, it’s time to setup your mouse traps. Set the mouse trap on the floor. Put some peanut butter on there and set the trap. Now wait about a week.

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