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Hints for a happy home!

Egg Cartons

Styrofoam egg cartons are good for holding eggs. They also excel at holding water, which you may not know, can be turned into ice. Put some water in your empty egg carton, and put that egg carton in the freezer. Soon you will have acquired ice cubes. If you did not wash out your egg carton beforehand, you may also have acquired frozen cubes of salmonella poisoning.


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Window Blinds

Window blinds for the home come in all sorts of colors and designs, and they are generally placed on the inside of the window, normally hanging from the top of the window frame. Blinds are useful for letting the desired amount of sunlight into your home. Not unlike followers of Hari Krishna, sunlight is orange and tends to follow the leader. Without proper management, the light will just keep pouring in like an unending line of Hari Krishna’s, until you’ve got no room for anything else.


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Toaster Oven

A toaster oven is good for making bread into toast, or making toast into burnt toast, or making burnt toast into a smoke detector testing tool.

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Nine Lives of Newspaper

Newspaper has a thousand frugal uses beyond spreading the latest in horrible news. Once you are finished reading how the economy has crashed and you are now broke, put your newspaper to good use. Since you can no longer afford paper towel, having recently been bankrupted by bad news, use that newspaper to soak up that spot where the dog peed. Newspaper can also be used as gift wrap, if you have any money left to purchase one. In an emergency, newspaper can even be used as packing insulation. Get some mice to chew the newspaper up for you.

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Mousetraps are a perfect way to trap a mouse. First, get yourself a mouse. Your local pet store should have some available for sale. If you have multiple mouse traps, you will need multiple mice. Get yourself a female mouse and a male mouse. Put them in your house, spill some food on the floor and wait about a week. Now that you have lots of mice running around, it’s time to setup your mouse traps. Set the mouse trap on the floor. Put some peanut butter on there and set the trap. Now wait about a week.

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Contrary to popular belief, matchbooks have no relation to actual books. They are two separate items entirely. A “match book” is a collection of matches, used for starting fires. These should be kept in a safe place, like not next to a stick of dynamite or an arsonist. A “book book”, on the other hand, is a collection of words, which incidentally, can also be used to start fires if you are in an emergency or are a mother who is angry about the information presented in the book.

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Carpet Cleaning

Keeping your carpeting clean is a big deal. Dirty carpeting is the leading cause of heart disease and has been known to cause six different types of cancer, mostly cancer of the foot and toes. The good news is keeping your carpet clean is simple everyday maintenance. Go ahead and buy a vacuum cleaner. Now go ahead and buy a maid to run that vacuum cleaner. Phew, health problems averted!

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