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Nine Lives of Newspaper

Newspaper has a thousand frugal uses beyond spreading the latest in horrible news. Once you are finished reading how the economy has crashed and you are now broke, put your newspaper to good use. Since you can no longer afford paper towel, having recently been bankrupted by bad news, use that newspaper to soak up that spot where the dog peed. Newspaper can also be used as gift wrap, if you have any money left to purchase one. In an emergency, newspaper can even be used as packing insulation. Get some mice to chew the newspaper up for you.

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Wedding Gifts

A watermelon flavored Jolly Rancher is not an appropriate wedding gift, because you don’t know, the groom might be a diabetic. A much safer gift is to just buy a real watermelon. Also, go ahead and gift wrap that watermelon and put on some nice clothes.

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