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Egg Cartons

Styrofoam egg cartons are good for holding eggs. They also excel at holding water, which you may not know, can be turned into ice. Put some water in your empty egg carton, and put that egg carton in the freezer. Soon you will have acquired ice cubes. If you did not wash out your egg carton beforehand, you may also have acquired frozen cubes of salmonella poisoning.

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Iced Coffee

Lately iced coffee has become a popular drink. Coffee is meant to be consumed hot. The problem here is the ice. Ice is cold, you see. Putting ice into coffee inevitably causes the temperature of the coffee to drop drastically. The solution to hot iced coffee is simple. First, brew your coffee, and pour it into a cup. If you desire sugar or cream, go ahead and add that now. Take some ice out from the freezer. Go ahead and throw that ice into the trash. Now enjoy your hot beverage.


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